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These aftercare instructions are essential to proper healing. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in discoloration, pigment loss, scarring, or infection.


Day 1 (Day of treatment): 2-3 hours post treatment, gently clean area with a very small amount of sterile water on a cotton pad- barely damp, not wet!! Do this 2-4 times a day to avoid build up of blood/lymph on the area.


Day 2-3: when you wake up, gently wipe the area with a small amount of sterile water on cotton pad. Do not rub the brows or scrub.

Do this 2-4 times per day.

Using a cotton swab, you may apply a very small amount of ointment to the brows (half size of a grain of rice for BOTH brows). Brows should not appear glossy or greasy.


Day 4-14: gently clean brow area with damp cotton pad. Can use a small amount of antibacterial soap as well (added to the damp cotton pad).

Continue to add thin amount of ointment 1-3 times a day to prevent brows from feeling tight or dry.



⁃ allowing any water to run or touch brows (in shower, or while washing face. Wash face with a wash cloth or cleansing wipes avoiding brow area)

⁃ Sweating/ exercising

⁃ Swimming

⁃ Hot sauna, bath, or jacuzzi

⁃ Sun tanning or salon tanning

⁃ Any laser or chemical peels/treatments

⁃ Creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic Acid

⁃ Picking, peeling, scratching, touching brows.

⁃ Performing tasks related to heavy household cleaning where airborne debris may be present






Day 1: I have new brows! I think I like them, but they’re a little dark.


Day 2-4: OMG. My brows are too dark and too thick!


Day 5-10: WTF. My brows are scabbing and flaking off.


Day 8-10: Where did my brows go? They’re light and uneven.


After 2-3 weeks: My brows are much better! Just a little patchy.


After touch up/ follow up appointments: WOW. My brows are perfect, I’m so happy I got them done.

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