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Here at Buzz Ink We have artists fitting every style of tattoo! If you are new to Buzz Ink, we can help you select the artist that will best fit your style. We require $50-$100 deposits upon booking that will go towards your final cost. Message our Facebook page, or fill out the contact form below, and one of our artists will reach out to you within 3 business days. 

Our Artists

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Tattoo Artist

One of the most well known artists in the Concord area. She has been Tattooing for 15 years, and has been with Buzz Ink since the beginning in 2013. Kristy more specifically enjoys black and gray animals, and anything with lots of color, but you would never know she prefers anything because her portfolio has some of everything!

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Tattoo Artist
Shop Owner

She expanded our services offered at Buzz Ink when she joined the team as our solo aesthetician in 2020, and shortly after became co-owner with Andrew in 2021. Looking to expand into cosmetic tattooing, She completed her tattoo apprenticeship under Kristy. Now she is licensed and performing both, cosmetic and body tattooing. Like mentor like student, she enjoys tattooing a little bit of everything. 

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Tattoo Artist

Started at Buzz Ink in 2021 and is perfecting specialties every day. He enjoys eaeryrhing from black and grey to color. His favorite styles include illustrative, patch work, sticker style and new school.